MBDyn participates in Google Summer of Code 2019
March 06, 2019
Dear users and coders,

We are delighted to inform you that MBDyn has been accepted as an organization for the 2019 edition of Google Summer of Code, after its successful participation in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 ones. More details here.

Thus, very shortly students from almost all over the world will apply to write MBDyn code this summer. Google will pay them for this 3 month project, and successful code will be released in the upcoming MBDyn versions.

More details, including FAQs and possible projects, are available here.

If you have a project idea and/or would like to be listed as a potential mentor please get in touch with us via the mbdyn-users@mbdyn.org mailing list (you need to subscribe first). Innovative ideas are welcome.

If you are a student (according to Google's definition) and would like to participate, please do get in touch with us! Use the mbdyn-users@mbdyn.org mailing list (remember, you need to subscribe first). Each student will be matched to one or more mentors who will guide their work. Code writing can be done anywhere worldwide, you don't need to be physically present.

In order to be selected as a student, you'll have to pass a simple test, which is intended to show your familiarity with MBDyn compilation and development at a very basic level. Don't be shy, try it out. It's not difficult.