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Developers corner

  • The CVS at present is not freely browsable essentially because the development is currently done mostly here at Politecnico di Milano, and we do not have the resources (mostly time) required to maintain a publicly accessible repository; however, if you have any special needs, or you believe you need access to the repository, drop us a note.
  • Patches should be submitted using the mailing lists (only subscribers can post to the lists): Read this FAQ for guidelines to software/documentation contributions.
  • It is recognized that MBDyn's documentation lags a bit behind source code releases. As such, this link hosts the input manual and other docs that may refer to yet unreleased code, but that are likely to be more accurate and useful of those accompanying any of the official releases, and get updated more often; the intention is to refresh them quite often.
    • Input manual [see the manual of the latest release.]
    • Technical manual
  • Known bugs & unresolved issues.


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