In order to simulate more detailed real-time physical systems with external control, a profitable approach is to run a distributed analysis over a real-time network. This project uses general purpose multibody analysis software, as opposed to dedicated software, allowing an open ended, scalable development to fit in an eventual growth of model complexity.
Single multibody elements may be analyzed on different machines, while each machine can be UP (uniprocessor) or SMP (symmetric multiprocessor) for further performance improvement, hence the need to develop multithreading for MBDyn.
Given the constraints of determinism and low latencies required by real-time simulations, a set of appropriate remote procedure calls must be developed to substitute or integrate the existing ones. RTAI-NetRPC/RTNet combo comes handy and allows the integration of soft (general purpose) networks and committed hard real time networks using standard, low cost, NIC hardware.
Further insight and procedures are needed to synchronize separate MB elements running at different frequencies.


Soft/Hard Real Time Network Diagram
Real time network diagram

Hard Real Time Network

Soft Real Time Network