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    • Found a bug? Got a problem? Ideas for an improvement? Let us know (only subscribers can post to this list; see mailing lists for details).
    • Related projects:
      • Blender & MBDyn, a pre/post processor based on Blender. See also Vimeo for some videos featuring Blender & MBDyn.
      • Blended MBDyn was a previous effort, also based on Blender.
      • MBDyn sim suite, a collection of pre and post-processing tools and models forming a general purpose simulation environment for structural dynamics with an emphasis on wind turbines.
      • RTAI, the Real-Time Application Interface to GNU/Linux, a key component of RT-MBDyn.
      If you start a project based on MBDyn, or a project that uses it, and you would like to see it listed on this website, please let us know.
  •  Some pics and movies are available here.

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