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Tutorials (see the tutorials for details):

IFToMM Multibody Technical Committee Benchmark Problems:

Dymore Benchmark Problems:


  • chain: falling rigid 4 links chain.
  • modalextsocket.tar.gz: examples of socket-based tight coupling by external modal forces using C test tool.
  • motioncapture.tar.gz: example of motion capture.  Two sensors are attached by springs to a constrained system. The motion of the sensors is prescribed; their location is updated to minimize motion mismatch.
  • pendulum: simple pendulum.
  • pid: simple PID controller example.
  • planemech: simple plane mechanism.
  • privdataoutput: example of private data output.
  • rotationalspring.
  • socket.tar.gz: examples of socket-based tight coupling by external forces using C (and C++ and F77) test tools.
  • springmass.tar.gz: example of tightly coupled cosimulation directly in python, optionally wrapped through Matlab using pymex.
  • ssbeam.tar.gz: example of hand-made modal element representing a simply supported beam, subjected to gravity.
  • stream-springmass.tar.gz: example of loosely coupled cosimulation between two instances of MBDyn or between an instance of MBDyn and a Python script.
  • wire: eigenanalysis of a wire with pretension.
  • slidercrank: rigid and deformable slider crank examples (the rigid case is also used in this tutorial for the mbdyn-blender postprocessing tool).


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