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Mailing Lists

NOTE: for reasons outside our direct control, the SSL certificate of the lists server does not match the server's name.  This (legitimately) causes concern in some browsers.  Please be patient and consider accepting to make an exception until the problem is solved.


    • Subscribe to announce; browse the archives.
      This list is intended as a place to post announcements related to MBDyn, e.g. new releases, events and other related issues. Very low traffic is expected.
      Only the project manager can post to this list.
  • Subscribe to users; browse the archives.
    This list is intended as a forum to discuss the use of MBDyn. Since no dedicated bug tracking mechanism has been put in place yet, please post here about problems or what you suppose is a bug
    Only subscribers can post to this list. The list is moderated.

Contact instructions:

  • send public inquiries to (only subscribers can post to this list). Public discussion is open and free, since it may be beneficial to all users; it implies that all exchanged data and information is public;
  • send private inquiries to Note that private discussion could end up to the point where it configures as consulting. In the latter case, an economical agreement might be required to continue support, since the software is free and open, but its developers' time is not (see our consulting services for details).


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