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Google Summer of Code 2017: final update
September 06, 2017
This summer of 2017, MBDyn participated to its third Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Five mentors made themselves available to follow students working on projects inspired from our ideas list.
We had the opportunity to follow a total of three students of which two successfully completed the program and developed very useful code for MBDyn and its Blendyn GUI post-processor.

This is the final update concerning the program, and follows/completes the previous weekly updates.

The projects were the following, where final submission links lead to both the documentation code developed by the students:

For any information request you can contact the students and their mentors by posting to the mailing list.

More detailed information on the projects is also given in the following updates which were posted on the mailing list this summer of 2017:
MBDyn-GSoC update 1
MBDyn-GSoC update 2
MBDyn-GSoC update 3
MBDyn-GSoC update 4
MBDyn-GSoC update 5
MBDyn-GSoC update 6
MBDyn-GSoC update 7
MBDyn-GSoC update 8
MBDyn-GSoC update 9
MBDyn-GSoC update 10
MBDyn-GSoC update 11

The following links may also be of interest:
MBDyn-GSoC FAQ for eventual future applicants
GSoC Student Manual
MBDyn-GSoC Page for 2016 (last year)
Public group for MBDyn-GSoC 2015's projects


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