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MBDyn 1.7.3 is out.
October 15, 2017
MBDyn 1.7.3 is out. The tarball is available at

This release contains some improvements and bug fixes.

The complete changelog is:

MBDyn 1.7.3

  • Enhancements:
    • added network byte order to drivers & element output streams
    • added width/format for eigenanalysis output files (noted by Reinhard Resch)
    • added relative output of follower force/couple
    • refactored communication code (stream drivers and output elements) to support user-defined communicators (Luca Conti for GSoC 2017)
    • added module-flightgear (Luca Conti for GSoC 2017)
    • added automatic derivatives coefficient estimation (Reinhard Resch)
  • Backward compatibility issues:
    • got rid of adams and motionview output support
    • deprecated "drees 2" rotor inflow model (identical to "dreese")
  • Known issues:
  • Bug fixes:
    • fixed (harmless?) off-by-one read in fixed step drive
    • fixed bugs in timestep control (Reinhard Resch)
    • fixed default max time step (Reinard Resch)
    • fixed build without libmbc (noted by Richard Crozier)
    • fixed test if residual is NaN (Reinard Resch)
    • fixed error message in strext (Richard Crozier)
    • fixed typos and strengthened rotor inflow models

Please test and report using the mailing list.


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