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  • 11 March 2004 Robots page added
  • 10 March 2004 while this website hasn't been updated for a while, activity at DIAPM went on steadily. Here's a brief log of our activities:
    • System update: latest release of RTAI and RTNET (RTAI-3.0r2, RTNet-0.6.1)
    • Extensive testing on Robotic arm manipulator Comau SMART-S 3 using a fully detailed MBDyn model, based on aredundant coordinate set approach, including Coulomb or ModLugre friction in joints
    • Developing and tuning of two different position control systems
    • developed an application for online animations based on libQGLViewer
    Currently we are working at:
    • enhancing inverse dynamics in MBDyn
    • feed-forward control based on MBDyn inverse dynamics
    • motion planning
    • introduction of elastic arms and joints in the model
    • Spider robotic arm manipulator modelling
    • learning-PID auto-tuning procedure
  • 23 December 2003 Website launched

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