Wind Turbines


This is an open project, which aims at developing open models of wind turbine dynamics and control.

This page documents contributions from individuals and institutions to this project, and links that may be relevant.


So far, the persons listed below contributed to MBDyn development and application to wind-turbine modeling.

These persons are contributing to the project as individuals or on behalf of their institutions.


This project has been partially sponsored by:





Point of contact is Pierangelo Masarati.

Discussion on this project takes place on the MBDyn users public mailing list; posting to the list requires prior subscription; instructions here.

If you want to contribute, please post your ideas/resources to the MBDyn users public mailing list. Please make sure you are posting publicly available material, this project is not responsible if you violate any confidentiality or any other restriction on the data you post, and removing erroneously posted data from public archives will be an issue.

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